New life member: Kevin Geaney

Kevin Geaney became a life member of the club after being unanimously voted in at the 2015/16 AGM

Kevin’s Nomination:

Life membership is a great honour which the club bestows on very few members, those that in the opinion of the club have rendered 10 or more years of conspicuous service to the club.

With those hefty criteria in mind I would like to nominate a member whom I believe has met this standard.

Kevin Geaney has been a member of the club for many years starting as a teenager, having played over 200 matches for the club; he has been a prolific batsmen and great asset to the club over the years.

Life membership requires more than simply longevity and contribution on the field, it requires an on-going off field contribution to the club, and I believe Kevin has made such a contribution.

Kevin has had a number of roles where he has actively contributed to the club, both those which are very public such as his current role as chairman and those less obvious contributions such as Working for the club behind the scenes

Kevin has made valuable contributions to the general committee; he has been active in meetings with council, working with Auckland Cricket etc.

Kevin was responsible for maintaining the clubs statistics database for a number of years, an often thankless task.

Kevin has been an active member of the committee for over ten years, Chairman for the past several years.

But Life membership requires more than simply being merely on the committee for 10 years it requires a conspicuous service and I believe Kevin has certainly been more than simply a member of the committee or a participant at meetings.

Kevin has taken an active role in moving the club forward, such as his work working with council to secure the clubs training nets, his work with the juniors as examples.

It is therefore my privilege to nominate Kevin for Life Membership in recognition of his ten years of outstanding service to the club.